Laura J. van den Berg
Laura J. van den Berg Sekac, M.A. is an author, creator, entrepreneur, and international expert in the field of self-knowledge and personal transformation.

In 1993, she founded the former well-known personal development School of Earth Teaching in the Netherlands.
She also is the founder and SEO of Essenticals™ that is created to offer a way of living based on what is fundamental in your life, relationships, health or career so you can create a lifestyle that really fulfills your heart and soul.

EssenSense™ carries the name of a method developed by Laura to define your unique fundamental energy, the ‘inner fire’ that drives you, and that is at the base of your life’s purpose. Each person has his or her own EssenSense™ yet very few are actually in touch with it.

With more than 20 years of coaching and consulting experience, using her knack for seeing the patterns and connection between underlying behaviors and events, Laura has helped thousands of men and women to gain clarity, larger perspective and deep understanding of themselves and their life, in order to unpack their inner power, joy and creativity, and achieve greater personal and professional happiness.

Her passion is to develop new, often unconventional methods to empower and get the best out of the people she works with as she explores how events that occur outside them connect to what they do inside. A great example was her feature appearance on Dutch TV where she worked with horses and her clients in order to unveil the hidden inner attitude of the person who works with them.

Laura is a strong believer in each person’s ability to reach their innate strength and higher potential in every part of their life, and she loves to teach her clients how to step into their full power, stand apart and become change-makers.

Laura J. van den Berg Sekac now lives in the French borders of Geneva, and works from there internationally. To learn more about Laura and EssenSense™ please visit: or contact her at: